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Intellectual property

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Limitation of liability

Every user who accesses the website is exclusively responsible for its use and navigation, and must respect the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of that website, as well as the legislation applicable to it., its affiliates, partners or collaborators will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for direct or indirect damages that result from, or are related to, the access, use or inability to access or use this website.

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The unavailability of access to the Internet or the website, as well as any incorrect or incomplete information on the website and any human, technical or any other type of failure in the processing of information on the website will not be considered the responsibility of https://jornalemfoco .online/z/, therefore exempting from any liability arising from such facts and/or acts.

It is the user's sole responsibility to keep their computer environment safe, using available tools such as antivirus and firewall, among others, in order to contribute to the prevention of electronic risks.

Your participation on the website

You can express your ideas and opinions on the website. You acknowledge, from now on, that does not have any knowledge or interference with content posted by you and other users, and is not responsible, under any circumstances, for its consequences. Therefore, you will be solely responsible for the content you insert/share on the website, which must respect morals, ethics, good customs and the rights of third parties, as well as current national legislation.

Messages, texts, images and the insertion of any type of indecent, prejudiced, disrespectful, discriminatory, insulting, slanderous, defamatory and/or that, in any way, undermine the dignity, image, reputation, honor, morals, integrity or any other right of any person, their nationality, ethnicity, political preference or religion, as well as that violate public order, good customs and/or any legal norm in force and/or that constitute any type of plagiarism. Users of the website are aware that they will be legally liable for any and all damages caused by the violation of these rules of conduct.

Any third-party claims will be the responsibility of the user, who must assume all legal and procedural responsibilities in relation to the claim. The user is aware that will report any and all disputes, litigations and disputes in which it is involved due to content and conduct submitted or perpetrated by users or third parties, to the extent permitted by law, so as not to be part of the dispute, litigation or dispute. also gives itself the right to call any user to the process, due to any actions originating from their conduct and submitted content. It also provides the right to directly hold the user responsible for the abusive conduct, using all legally possible resources, including the right of return, among others.

To this end, will use the registration data as well as any other technical data that allows the user to be identified, with the user or affected third parties being aware of this, who will not be able to claim any breach of privacy in these cases.

The information published on this website is considered non-confidential. All comments, suggestions, ideas (including product and advertising ideas) and other information you post may be used by in a reasonable manner, including any future rights related to such submissions.

This means that you waive any ownership rights to such submissions, acknowledging's unrestricted right to use them (as well as similar materials or ideas) in any medium, now and in the future , without notification, remuneration or any other obligation on the part of to the user, on a reasonable basis.


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All notifications by users of must be made solely and exclusively through the contact channel with the site's administration team. All notifications and communications from to its users will be considered valid and effective, for all purposes, when they take place in the following ways:

? Sending a message by email to any email address provided by the user;
? Sending a letter to the user's home when they have provided an address to;
? Telephone communication to the number provided by the user;
? Through messages posted on the website in places the user usually accesses.

In this sense, all notifications that makes will be considered valid when made using the data and through the means previously highlighted. For these purposes, the user declares that all data provided is valid and correct, and will be considered as such, committing to communicate and update all changes relating to their personal data with .

Other provisions

Any questions or requests related to these Terms of Use or the website's Privacy Policy should be sent to via email [email protected]

Tolerance of any non-compliance with any clauses and conditions of these Terms of Use will not constitute a novation of the obligations stipulated herein nor will it prevent or inhibit the enforceability thereof at any time by

To resolve any doubts regarding the content of this website, the application of the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil is hereby established, regardless of the country from which this website is accessed. Any disputes or legal controversies arising from acts carried out within the scope of this website by users, including in relation to non-compliance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy or violation of third party rights, will be processed in the São Manuel Court of the State of São Paulo.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy aims to guarantee your confidentiality, your privacy and the protection of your data. Therefore, in no way will there be unauthorized access to the data provided, improper use or alteration thereof. Now let's go to the privacy terms that we consider most important for our good relationship.

Spam – The team will only send emails to those who have registered on the website and confirmed it, thus expressing interest in being part of our email list and having access to all the content of the website. So don't worry, you don't run the risk of receiving spam. And if you have given up on joining our community, don't worry too, we won't send you emails trying to convince you to do so.

Your data – Registration requires the provision of personal information such as email, which will be kept completely secure by our team. This means that you do not run the risk of having your data disclosed without authorization. These are only used for registration control, to support management and marketing plans, target audience definition and statistical survey.

Exclusion from the list – After registering, you will receive our content with priority, however, you are free to withdraw from the moment you no longer wish to be part of our list. This option will be available via a link in the footer of the emails you receive from us.

Social networks – We can also keep in touch through social networks. If you are linked to us in any of them, I guarantee that images and information will not be used without prior authorization.

The User has read and fully accepted the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and is aware of the purely informative nature of the products, with no concrete results being promised, in any way.

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